Social responsibility

Social responsibility

ArtLine Engineering to the new generation!

Motor racing, in many respects, is in vanguard of technical industrial development of humanity. The future follows those who create hi-tech, competitive products. And we see these people in students of today.

For 16 years ArtLine has manufactured 3 generations (8 modifications) of racing cars of the superior quality, constructed 2 special racetracks and continues to organize sports series.

This is a great happiness - to achieve success as the professional, and the same happiness - to share.


ArtLine permanently takes part in master classes for participants of international Formula Student project in Russia. Special educational seminars at institutes, practical consultations for future engineers are long ago an integral part of our activity.

Three years the Head of ArtLine Shota Abkhazava devoted to teaching in MADI (Moscow) which he's graduated. Three best students got a job in our Design bureau.

Formation of a human resources reserve for the Team - is only one of our tasks. The social function of ArtLine's educational actions is much more important. Due to growth of youth design projects, we believe that together with us the state government also will find opportunity to support them. Nowadays the domestic motor racing has all preconditions to come to a high level.

ArtLine courses:      

  • Designing of racing techniques;
  • Sports management and marketing;
  • Projecting, construction and operation of specialized racetracks.


Meetings at out Teambase (CB) - the only place in Russia where it's possible to see production of formula cars appear the most effective for students.


Joint meeting with engineers, mechanics, managers of the directions, and race drivers are especially interesting to wider audience. We use such format within large-scale actions, for example, conferences.


According the fact of increasing interest of young engineers from other cities, we plan to adjust online communication in the near future.

And one more important, often asked question - practice and employment in ArtLine. We are glad to give such opportunity to really interested young specialists. The volume of such cooperation depends on our opportunities for production expansion. We'll keep you informed.

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