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Formula Vostok



Formula Vostok



What is special in the name «Formula Vostok»:

The name of the new series "Formula Vostok" isn't casual, it shows connection between generations, continuation of motorsport history, its traditions. Having begun since 1972 "Formula Easter" was a uniform class for ring races in socialist countries of Eastern Europe. The national ring races championships in this series passed in the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, GDR, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria. All these countries were united by a Friendship Cup - some kind of championship of Eastern Europe. Participation and furthermore a victory in the Cup of Friendship of the socialist countries was sometimes a  career top for racers of Eastern Europe.

The cup steadily brought together the best of the best racers of the socialist countries. For those seventeen years that it was carried out within "Formula Easter", eight times it was won by representatives of Czechoslovakia, five times - GDR and three times – the USSR. From the Soviet racers there were: Estonian Madias Laiv in 1975, Tomas Nappa in 1987 and to the Muscovite Victor Kozankov in 1988.


Having begun since 1972 "Formula Easter" was a uniform class for ring races in socialist countries of Eastern Europe 




The single seat racecar with open wheels of the group "E", meeting the safety requirements of article 277, appendix J to the international FIA sports code

Bearing construction

carbon fiber monocoque


Length - 4220mm
Width - 1800mm
Height - 1000mm
Base - 2760mm
Track front - 1550mm
Track rear - 1400mm


The equipped mass
of the car (without fuel) - 420kg


The 4 cycle, 4 cylinder gasoline engine with two camshafts.
Working volume - 1300 сm³ Compression ratio - 10,8 Capacity,
h.p. - 140 at 9500 rpm

Fuel system - carburetors Fuel - AI-98


Front and rear suspenders - the 2 lever, with pushing pull-rods (Pushrod) and the adjustable antiroll bar Absorbers - Koni with resetting of effort of a release and compression. Levers - steel with spherical hinges

The high-quality car for reasonable price

Formula Vostok

Considering a situation with traditionally high budget for pilots and teams on participation in competitions, ArtlLine designed the new high-quality car for reasonable price.

Formula Vostok

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a formed class for Russia and CIS - since the USSR athletes wait a domestic series for continuation of racing career after karting. For many of them it is a step to the top of formular sports. And we believe Vostok series will also attract and unite teams and young drivers from different countries.

Formula Vostok

Some devices according to our drawings are still produced by the foreign enterprises, but we can see also domestic factories which will be able to make ArtLine's orders. It will allow not only to reduce the cost of accessories, but also to give the positive development of the Russian automobile industry.

Formula Vostok

The infrastructure for successful implementation of the project in Russia is already well developed: the network of stationary autodromes is constructed. By next year it is enough to release 20−24 cars to create a serious series. ArtLine invites all the interested sides to forse the process.

Design Bureau

This chassis is developed for serial release of CB ARTLine Engineering — the only operating company in the territory of the former USSR and Eastern Europe making Formula racing cars.

Now the prototype successfully passed tests and will be prepared for production at the order for a series.

Piskunov Sergey Vladimirovich

Chief Engineer

Potekhin Alexandr Victorovich

Technical Director

Antipov Vasily Gennadievich

Team Manager

Abkhazava Shota Merabovich

Team Owner