Team history




3rd to 6th place in Trophy ATS Formel3 Cup standings. Bronze was taken by Mikhail Aleshin, at the last stage having risen to the 6th place in the main standings of the Cup.

18 races, 15 victories, victory in the team competition Trophy, victory in the drivers' classification - Riccardo Brutshin, vice-champion Alexei Karachev.

18 races, 17 wins, German F3 Champion title in trophy standings - Sergey Chukanov; Essee Kron 5th place.

Championship of Russia F3 Light: 6 stages, victory in the team competition; silver and bronze in the pilot standings (Ivan Samarin and Viktor Shaitar); Finnish Championship F3: 6 stages, 2nd place in the individual competition (V. Shaitar); Northern European Cup (NEZ Cup): V. Shaitar vice-champion.

16 races, 10 wins. Winning double in individual standings (Ivan Samarin, Viktor Shaitar) and victory in the team standings of the Championship and the Governor's Cup. Winning the Finnish Formula 3 stage (Viktor Shaitar).

6 stages, 3 victories, silver in the team competition, 1st and 3rd places in the individual competition (Ivan Samarin, Viktor Shaitar).

6 stages, 4 victories, silver in the team event, victory in the individual event (Vitaly Petrov).

7 stages, 9 pole positions, 4 wins, silver in individual (Viktor Antonov) and team events.

6 stages, 4 pole positions, 3 victories, victory in the Cup of Russia, victory in the team event of the Championship of Russia. The title of the Champion of Russia in the individual competition (Alexander Tyuryumin).

4 stages, 1 pole position, 3 wins, 2 place in the individual classification (Mediani), 2 place in the team standings.

8 stages, 8 pole positions, 6 wins, 2nd place in the team competition, the title of the champion of Russia in the pilots' classification (Mediani).

9 stages, 5 pole positions, 4 wins, 3 second places and the title of vice-champion of Russia. In the team competition - bronze.

7 stages, 1 pole position, 1 victory, 2nd place for the team, Individual Silver Medal (Fabio Babini).