Press Release

Press Release


Key information on the company

"ArtLine Engineering", "ArtLine Technology", ArtLine Racing - are the group of companies, created for development of motorsport on the basis of science and technics. ArtLine's design office was founded in 1998 in Moscow, Russia. 

The company possesses a wealth of experience in the sphere of motorsport, creation of the connected infrastructure, and is the only producer of Formula 3 chassis on the territory of Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.


On own chassis "ArtTech" the Team won the highest titles of the most high-speed series in Russia, and participates in European Championships where gains respect of autosport leaders. 


During 18 years the Team managed to work with more than 30 drivers. 
Acting as a part of ArtLine Team many of them showed the best results in the career.
The most known - Vitaly Petrov, the first Russian racer of the Queen of motor racing – Formula 1.  
Mikhail Aleshin – the Champion of Renault World Series, now the only Russian IndyCar driver is our constant test pilot for ArtTechs and the true friend. 
Champions of Trophy ATS Formel3 Cup in Germany – Sergey Chukanov and Riccardo Brutschin, vice-champion Alexey Karachev. Champion of Russia, the vice-champion of Finnish F3 Victor Shaytar and Ivan Samarin, who won his first title in 17 years.
We are proud of everyone!

Latest significant facts

In 2015 the Team presents the new Formula 3 car ArtTech P315. Tests are passed successfully. The application for participation in the FIA F3 Euroseries Championship stages is submitted.

In 2013 ArtLine made a racecar for the junior series "Formula Vostok". The protptype is ready, improved its best characteristics and available for tests.

The GT Prototype of ArtLine's production continues to occupy minds of our engineers. In 2014 the car received a name "MARTT", design of a body, and increases power.



Given the situation whith traditinally high budget needed for the drivers and teams to participate in competitions, "ArtLine" constructs high quality racing equipment for an affordable price.


Besides formula races, ArtLine brought to Russia the super democratic series «Legends cars». The car is very simple, created specially for sport. It surpasses in the specific power Porsche 911: 260 h.p. on ton, weighing 500 kg. The car is developed in the USA by “600 Racing Inc.” entering into the largest motorsports holding of America “Speedway Motorsport”. In Legends races participate not only professional drivers, but also those for whom motor racing is a hobby. Women compete on an equal basis with men. Teenagers master Legends before getting civil drivers license. The person of any age and constitution can drive Legends.

ArtLine's President Shota Abkhazava and our Director Vasily Antipov participate in Legends Russian Series for already 6 years.


ADM Raceway — is the modern racetrack in only 15 km from Moscow, conducting its history since 2006. The autodrome is equipped with all necessary stuff for safe carrying out of sporting, corporate and mass events: from stationary boxes of teams, VIP boxes and tribunes to mini-hotel from terrace of which almost all racing track is visible. Here the Formula 3 NEZ Cup was held on in 2008 and SAE Russian stage in 2014


In 2006 ArtLine opens its first racetrack in Myachkovo (Moscow region) named ADM Raceway. All the designing and construction was executed by our engineers. For 3 years from 2007 to 2009 the autodrome was the only place for ring races in Russia.
The racetrack is reconstructed in 2014 and September, 4-7th we organized the place the fisrt Russian stage of Formula Student!



In 2011 ArtLine reconstructs a famous racetrack in Rustavi (Georgia) – one of the most known circuites in the USSR. Please come to visit this beautiful place where season starts in early spring and lasts till December.


Regarding these activities ArtLine invites all the interested companies to cooperation. We will be glad to see motorsport fans on our racetracks and fallowing the Team.

You're always welcome!