Loyalty program of the Moscow Region Championship 2023.

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Loyalty program of the Moscow Region Championship 2023.

As last year, the competition organizers offer pilots special conditions for participation, taking care of the older generation and trying to attract more participants from different parts of the country and from abroad.

1. Attention to motorsport veterans.
If you were born before 01/01/1960, you can take part in the Russian Ring racing series on preferential terms - the entry fee is 5,000 rubles.

2. Free training.
Each Pilot who has paid the entry fee receives one free 20-minute session as a gift during the week before the Championship stage.

3. Farther from the race track, the fee is lower.
If you brought a racing car from another city and to participate in the Championship stage you need to cover a distance of more than 600 km, then you have a reduced entry fee of 5,000 rubles.

4. We erase boundaries.
For participants from other countries – entry fee is 1000 rubles.

5. Possibility of obtaining a sports category.
The Russian Ring racing series is held under the auspices of the Moscow Region Motorsport Federation and has the status of an official competition, which allows participants to receive sports ranks.