Summing up the results of the 2022 season and setting new goals with Alexander Nesterov.

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Summing up the results of the 2022 season and setting new goals with Alexander Nesterov.

It is getting colder outside, the first snow has fallen in Moscow, which means that the off-season has come.

For six months, from May to October, we became participants in 8 stages in 3 championships: the RAF Cup (SMP RSKG) - 4 stages, the Russian Ring racing series - 3 stages and the REC long race in Sochi. Our cars visited 6 autodromes, and new faces appeared in the team among the pilots. The season turned out to be both difficult and interesting at the same time. As we passed the stages in different weather conditions and on different tracks, we were able to significantly refine the ArtTech Evolution (Legends Evolution), which has been added quantitatively this year.

Head of ArtLine Technology Alexander Nesterov:

«We managed to improve the quality of the car and increase their number, in fact we already have seven finished cars. We've fixed the transmission issues so now the mechanics are working great. In the off-season, improvements will not stop, as we plan to prepare several cars for regular participation in long races.»

The end of the season is always setting new goals for the coming year. Of course, circumstances can always turn out in unexpected ways, however, the plans for the 2023 season in the team have already been outlined.

«We have plans to continue performing next season in the CN Sportprototype group at ArtTech Evolution. Moreover, the team will have a division of cars into two categories: for short and for long races. The number of ArtTech Evolution machines is planned to be increased to 10, and maybe more, now two machines are already on the way. We will continue to work on the car, increasing its reliability and quality» - Alexander Nesterov.

It looks like we're in for a very interesting season next year. In the meantime, let's stock up on patience (and a couple of new warm hats), because in a couple of months an equally intriguing season of ice racing on Legends (Legends-600) will begin, in which everyone can take part.

In the meantime, the season has not yet begun, and the snow has not covered the race track, we invite everyone to the tests in Myachkovo (ADM Raceway), where everyone will find their own source of energy.