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Legends Open Racing Community

Winter is always associated with the New Year holidays and the atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. This is the time when, despite the cold, we can plunge into a fairy tale, and the crunch under our feet and the light colors around us save us from yearning for summer. It is also a great time for active sports, meeting friends and making new acquaintances.

We, in turn, also want to maintain the spirit of the holiday and good mood, so the season of ice racing at ADM Raceway has always included just such friendly meetings, with hot tea, warm conversations and active pastime.
The open community of Legends is a wide range of like-minded people involved in motorsport, where you can get invaluable experience and relax with benefits for body and soul in the winter.

Our community is always open to new faces: both beginners and professionals.
Join and take your place in our friendly peloton.
We are waiting for you at the ADM Raceway in Myachkovo for testing, and then we will meet at the Legends 2023 Winter Season Championship.

You can sign up for tests by phone: +7 968 665-15-22