Results of the 4th stage of the RAF Cup (SMP RSKG) on the Igora Drive track.

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Results of the 4th stage of the RAF Cup (SMP RSKG) on the Igora Drive track.

We all know that it is always difficult to guess the weather in the Leningrad region, but we were lucky, and the Igora Drive track was bathed in sunshine last race weekend.

The race on Saturday featured an interesting fight between father and son (Shota Abkhazava and Alexander Abkhazava), as a result of which Alexander was faster and became the winner. Third place went to another young team pilot Georgy Kudryavtsev.

“Losing to your own son is a pleasure!” - Shota Abkhazava shared his emotions with a reporter of the Match TV channel after the finish.

In the second race, Alexander kept the lead, but Georgy Kudryavtsev came second, and he shared the champagne pouring ceremony with Alexander. Races on Igor once again proved the possibility of an interesting, competitive struggle in the Evo class between adults, experienced and young, ambitious.

In the Legends class (Legends-600) there were tense battles between Pavel Gribov and Sergey Lapitsky. Finishing with a difference of 66 thousandths of a second in the first race, Sergey became the first, and Pavel the second. In third place - Lev Yefim. The second race distributed the pilots in the same order.

We congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the 4th stage of the RAF Cup and express our gratitude to all participants, organizers and spectators. It was the final stage of the RAF Cup for the "Sportprototype CN" test group, but this season is not over yet.

There are two more racing events ahead of us: the Russian Ring Championship in Myachkovo near Moscow (September 24) and the long Akhmat Race in Grozny (October 8-9).