Racing ways to fight the cold.

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Racing ways to fight the cold.

Racing is always speed, gusts of wind and, of course, adrenaline. Winter frosts are the best companions of excellent ice races, because they provide a smooth and hard surface of the track.
No matter how much we love the winter season, we still need to warm up.
The pilot's face is protected by a racing helmet, and his hands are protected by gloves. Special shoes and a heat-resistant suit are not the warmest items, but they are mandatory for safety reasons. However, there are a couple of interesting ideas for how a pilot can stay warm during the winter season and not get sick. For example, heated socks powered by an app on your phone, or warming insoles. There are many useful things to keep warm, however, they can only be used before and after the actual arrival.

How quickly does the sensation of cold appear during the race, and does it occur at all?
The feeling of cold disappears almost immediately. From the first minutes, attention is concentrated, an adrenaline surge is felt. The task of the pilot is to keep the car every second. In such conditions, you simply do not have time to think that it can be cold. After all, winter racing is not about the cold. An atmosphere of celebration, warmth and friendship reigns here.

Join us this winter, become a member of the winter season and experience the Legend on ice.
Tests are conducted on the track in Myachkovo ADM Raceway.

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