Safety at the Legend

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Safety at the Legend

At the heart of the Legends-600 car is a safety cage, which is also a spatial frame. This is a durable "skeleton" of the machine, made of metal. The frame serves as a strong shield in case of collisions with other cars or parapets. It can be seen in the cabin and is easily recognizable: a tubular metal frame that frames the entire car.
Yes, different things happen in racing: skidding on corners, collisions with rivals and bumpers, and even car flips. But you should not be afraid, because the racing car is designed in such a way as to provide the pilot with maximum safety. Moreover, before direct operation, the car goes through many tests and checks, and rescue services are always present on the track during the races. Often, nothing dangerous happens during the race, because in professional races it is customary for pilots to take care of each other's cars and overtake carefully and accurately.

Fear of speed can only arise during the first racing experience. After a person crosses this “barrier of fear”, the thing for which pilots continue to race with great pleasure begins: a crazy adrenaline rush, the desire to win and improve.
If you are not one of the timid and want to learn how to drive really fast, come to the ADM Raceway in Myachkovo!

Let this winter be remembered, start your immersion in the world of winter motorsport today.

Cars of the Legends series are available for testing to anyone who has a driver's license.

You can sign up by phone: +7 968 665-15-22