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Dear representatives of mass media!

"ArtLine" is always glad to your professional attention.
The most topical news about Team and Design office you can learn from ourselves, having addressed to experts in the section Contacts.

To make an interview with our engineers, to visit the production base, races or ArtLine’s special events we invite you according to the preliminary arrangement to allocate enough time for direct communication.

Due to the continuity of technological and sports process, "ArtLine" doesn't do many independent publications. 
To your attention are the main:

  • The short review about ArtLine Engineering in Wikipedia
  • The page in Wikipedia about the founder and Head of the Team Shota Abkhazava
  • The News block contains a material about pased events, tells about plans.

If you prepare an article about "ArtLine", the video reporting or a radio program, please contact us and we will help with edition, specify data.

"ArtLine" values the reputation, treats mass media with big respect and ready to work together to make the material turned out full and reliable.

We pay your attention that in social nets "ArtLine" is presented by pages:

All other accounts if they exist - on conscience of people them created and are not official. 

We revealed a case of illegal registration of the page of ArtLine’s Head Shota Abkhazava in Facebook. Please mention: Shota Abkhazava isn't registered in social networks.

On the main page of the section "Media" you can find the short review about "ArtLine"

Thank you! And you’re always welcome!