Artline Engineering — racing team and technical bureau
Racing series "Russian Ring". Stage 2.

The group of sports prototypes was represented by five Legends-600 cars and one ArtTech Evolution (Legends Evolution). The day turned out to be very intense, and the races were interesting (both on the move).

Additional stage of the Russian Circuit Racing Series in Kazan.

On July 29-31, the ArtLine Racing team will hold a sports weekend at the Kazan Ring track. This decision was made by the organizers of the competition in connection with the interest shown in the participation of the pilots of the "Sportprototype CN" test group.

Konstantin Tereshchenko at the first stage of the SMP RSKG on the Smolensk Ring.

The racing weekend of the ArtLine Racing team at the Smolenskoye Koltso track ended with several memorable events, one of which was the participation in the tests of the famous driver, Formula Russia series champion and Spanish Formula 3 champion Konstantin Tereshchenko.