Konstantin Tereshchenko at the first stage of the SMP RSKG on the Smolensk Ring.

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Konstantin Tereshchenko at the first stage of the SMP RSKG on the Smolensk Ring.

The racing weekend of the ArtLine Racing team at the Smolenskoye Koltso track ended with several memorable events, one of which was the participation in the tests of the famous driver, Formula Russia series champion and Spanish Formula 3 champion Konstantin Tereshchenko.
His participation in the race was originally planned, but due to technical problems, it was canceled. Nevertheless, Konstantin managed to show real professionalism in the tests and did an excellent job tuning the ArtTech Evolution (Legends Evolution) car.

  • Tell us about your impressions of today's tests?

It was a nice, hot day. This is my first time in Smolensk on this car, the impressions are excellent. We made some progress on the chassis setup during my time in the test. Of course, it was not possible to perfectly tune the car due to a small amount of time, because many components had to be taken into account: air temperature, asphalt, tire pressure, suspension settings, and much more. So we found the best option that can be improved even with small settings, which is great.

  • What can you say about the ArtTech Evolution car series?

I think this car is very interesting, especially for our Russian tracks. He would be a great stepping stone in the career of young drivers moving from karting to big motorsport. It's a good car to learn because it gives you a high speed feel thanks to its aerodynamics and is not very difficult to drive due to its light weight. I'm looking forward to expanding the series. If the number of cars increases, it will be a very interesting race. In this series it will be possible to get a great sports experience.

We thank Konstantin for the kind words, wish him the next great victories and hope to see you soon on the racetracks.