Championship of the Moscow region in circuit racing, stage 1.

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Championship of the Moscow region in circuit racing, stage 1.

On May 14, at the ADM Raceway circuit (Ramenskoye, Verkhneye Myachkovo village), the Moscow Region Championship in automobile circuit racing was launched. It was necessary to reveal the strongest on the track near Moscow in the classes Sportprototype CN, Formula 4, Superproduction, S1600 and S2000.

The spectators, who were not afraid of changeable weather with occasional rain, were rightfully rewarded with a fascinating and exciting spectacle. Trainings and qualifications immediately showed who is the boss in the house - Legends Evolution cars (CN Sport Prototype class) showed the best time among all participants. Only Alexander Nesterov could compete with them in Formula 4, who became the second in qualifying.

The race itself was run with a pooling of classes on the starting grid, with the CN Sport Prototype starting with Formula 4 and the Super Production with the S1600 and S2000.

The first to enter the battle were Legends and Formulas, and here there were no equals for ArtLine team pilots Shota Abkhazava and Aleksey Khairov, who quickly broke away from the main peloton and decided in a head-to-head duel which of them was stronger. Leadership alternately passed from Shota to Alexei and vice versa, but in the end, experience and composure took their toll and Shota Abkhazava came out the winner in the duel. Third place went to Alexander Potekhin in the Formula, literally at the finish line, overtaking Vladislav Shevel, who made his debut in the Legends Evolution car.

The debut of Ekaterina Kapitsa became a real decoration in the Legends 600 race. At 17, she was not afraid to challenge more experienced rivals and at the beginning of the race she even managed to impose a fight, but experience took its toll and Ekaterina never got on the podium, but, as they say, what our years are, which means everything is still ahead.

Чемпионат Московской области по кольцевым гонкам, 1 этап., изображение №2


We congratulate and thank all the participants of the competition and look forward to the next stage of the Championship, which will take place on July 16 at the ADM Raceway near Moscow.