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3 April 2017

The new season of TCR started with the victory of Georgian pilot

Davit Kajaia, 33-year-old Ge-Force pilot running behind the wheel of snow-white Alfa Romeo Giulietta, who managed to hold back pursers on wet asphalt, became the first winner of international racing competition in the history of Georgia. Some say his victory is a surprise, as he never rose above the third place during the last two seasons, but we were absolutely sure that it will definitely happen one day.

His compatriot Shota Abhazava, one of the main initiators of the Rustavi revival, also went to start behind the wheel of same car, but finished only 15th.

The winner of the next race was Pere Oriola from Spain and his SEAT, painted in red and white Lukoil colors. Then the cherished line was crossed by the French Hugo Valente, but later judges found him guilty in overtaking under the yellow flags and added 30 seconds to his result. This penalty led to taking the 9th place in final protocol and literally gifting the "silver" award to the Italian Attila Tassi on Honda.

The triumphant of the first race Davit Kajaia started from the 10th position and crossed the finish line only 8th. Nevertheless, he became the leader of the overall standings after the home weekend. Shota Abhazava unfortunately dropped out of the race after an offensive collision with Maťo Homola.

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