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8 July 2019

ADM Raceway Race Weekend (07.07.19)

On Sunday the 07.07.2019, 2 races were held at the ADM Raceway in the Moscow region, Myachkovo.

The events:

• 2nd Stage of the Moscow Regional ADM Endurance Series Cup

• 2nd Stage of the Moscow Regional Lada Cup 2nd Stage of the Moscow Regional

ADM Endurance Series Cup ADM Endurance Series represents a long race of CN prototype race cars.

Race car prototypes that took part in this stage of the cup were: • 3 Mitjet race cars • 2 Short Cut race • 2 Legends race cars • 2 Legends Evolution Completely different race cars united in one series that compete in order to decide the best one of all.

In the series regulations it is stated that the practice duration is one hour long, the qualification is 15 minutes long and the race itself is 2 hours long with 3 obligatory pitstops. The race drivers have the opportunity to compete solo or a group of four drivers at most.

During the 61 lap race, there were many drive through penalties and DNFs (Did Not Finish). The podium consisted of the Legends #3 Aleksei Khairov in third position, Mitjet #55 Sergey Ydotov / Svyatoslav Arsenov and Mitjet #42 Ivan Lykashevich / Dmitrii Ygriumov ended up on the top of the pedestal.

Despite the eventual DNF the Legends Evolution #12 set the fastest lap - 1:38.236.


2nd Stage of the Moscow Regional Lada Cup The second race on that day was the 2nd stage of the Moscow Regional Lada Cup. Despite the small amount of contestants, the race was full of suspense and spectacular battles. Only 6 race cars were admitted to this stage, one of which had technical difficulties during the practice runs. Hence, unfortunately the race car #96 with its driver, Ilya Kashin, could not compete. After the summation of points during the two races resulted in #72 Andrey Oleinikov taking third place, #1 Anatolia Ershakova taking second place and #14 Evgeniy Tryshin taking first place.

The race weekend held at the ADM Raceway was a very interesting motorsport event!