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12 August 2019

3 round of the Moscow Region Cup at ADM Raceway

Last weekend, ADM Raceway hosted the third round of the Moscow Region Cup.

At this time, racing day on Sunday consisted of three auto-sports competitions in test classes: LADA, CN Prototype and ShortCut.

There were not many participants on competition, but fight and staginess were awesome.

The regulations of the Cup of the ShortCut include training, qualification, two heaths and final race for 20 minutes + one lap. Nine cars have come to participation. Tatyana Dobrynina # 7 - showed the best time in the qualification 1: 42.688. The final starting grid formed by the sum of points of Heath-1 and Heath-2. There were eight cars at the starting procedure, but unfortunately, only six could start, for #7 and #9 the race was over. Dmitry Gvazava #11 crossed the line first, the second Tikhomirov Sergey #5 was second, Viktorov Artem #50 was third. Results of the stage DK Racing Cup and ShortCut Cup is counting on sum of points: Heath-1 + Heath-2 + additional points for the best time in qualification and in final race. And this time the victory has got #11 Gvazava Dmitry, the second place for #35 Mishugin Gleb and the third place got #50 Viktorov Artem.

Seven participants have come on the third stage of the LADA Cup. # 133 Andrey Kozlov - 1: 54.242, showed the best time in the qualification. At the end of Race 1, after 10 laps, pilots have come in the following positions: The first - #133 Kozlov Andrey, the second - #14 Trushin Evgeny, the third - #38 Ershikov Anatoly. At the end of Race 2, after 14 laps, the first - #133 Kozlov Andrey, the second place for #14 Trushina Evgenia and the third place - #38 Ershikov Anatoly. Sum of points for two races have presented victory #133 Kozlov Andrey, #14 Trushin Evgeny became the second and the third place got #38 Ershikov Anatoly.

The long race of CN prototypes, at the third final stage, became the smallest by the number of participants. Five applications for participation: one Mitjet car, three Legends cars and one Legends-EVO car. # 11 Makarovsky Mikhail (Mitjet) - 1: 42.107, showed the best time in the qualification. For start of long race requiring three pit stops, there were all stated participants on the grid, but the long race is endurance racing and, unfortunately, not all have reached finish. The Legends-EVO #12 car - 1:37.931, showed the best time in race of sport prototype models but on the 38-th lap, this car had had technical problems. Later on the 61 lap car #96 Kabakov Artem (LEGEND) finished first, car #11 car Makarovsky Mikhail (Mitjet) finished second and the third place for car#58 Lev Efim (LEGEND).

We are waiting for new season and new racing victories!