Formula 3


ArtTech P315 is designed according to FIA technical requirements 2016 for Formula 3. Provides the high safety standards for drivers.



Distinctive features of a design are:

  • The facilitated forward and back suspension brackets on the pulling drafts (pull-rod) with a wide range of adjustments;

  • The developed aerodynamic kit;

  • The carbon fiber monocoque, armored from side penetration by Zelon panels;

  • The carbon fiber main arch of safety integrated into construction.

Design Bureau

This chassis is developed for serial release of CB ARTLine Engineering — the only operating company in the territory of the former USSR and Eastern Europe making Formula racing cars 


Piskunov Sergey Vladimirovich

Potekhin Alexandr Victorovich

Antipov Vasily Gennadievich

Abkhazava Shota Merabovich

Chief Engineer 

Technical Director 

Team Manager 

Team Owner

Now the car is declared to participation in FIA Formula 3 European championship stages


Technical specification of ArtTech P315 


Racecar of the international Formula 3 series 


565 kg (with driver) 

Aerodynamic devices

Forward and back rear wings, BARGEBOARDs, SIDE BURNs 

Bearing structure

On the basis of the carbon fiber monocoque with inclusion in power structure of the engine, a crankcase and transmission


According to regulations of FIA Formula 3 Euroseries 


Two-disk, carbonic, dry with a diaphragm press spring, the drive hydraulic 




Mechanical, sekventalny, six-step. Drive or hummock, or understeering lobe switches  


Disk ventilated with mobile disks and four-piston supports. Drive hydraulic


Forward and the back destroyed structures, panels from the material ZELON interfering side penetration on sidewalls of the monocoque, the six-dot belts of safety providing use of system of protection HANS, a safety steering column, a fire extinguishing system , a carbon fiber arch of safety, a safety element around the pilot's head




length — 4497mm

width — 1840mm

height — 985mm


Front: independent, on two cross levers with the pulling bars, torsions, two or three adjustable telescopic shock-absorbers and the stabilizer of cross stability

Shock-absorbers — Koni with adjustment of effort of a release and compression.

Levers — steel with spherical hinges 

Wheels and tires


Front — 180 / 550 R13

Rear — 240 / 570 R13


Renders of ArtTech P315